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Data Top-Up Guide


How to Login and Top Up Data:


Step 1 - Log In:  

Enter your D-Fi username and password (not your Wifi Password). Click the Sign-In button.

If you forgot your username or password please call us on 03 443 1089.






Step 2 - Click the Top-up button:  






Step 3 - Choose data amount Required:  

Click the dropdown menu and then click the data amount required. 






Step 4 - Enter card Details:  


5 v2




Step 5 - Click Submit:  




Step 6 - Successful Transaction! 

If your transaction is not successful and you need assistance please call us on 03 443 1089.






Step 7 - Viewing your Prepay Data

 If your transaction is successful you will see your purchased data in blue





Please call us if you are having any issues or trouble 03 443 1089.

We appreciate your patience in adopting this new system. Thank you!